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Tsuen Lin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 and has made the successful transition from an exclusively OEM factory to an OEM/ODM professional manufacturer and exporter. The head office, factory, and warehouse are located in Yunlin County,Taiwan. Currently the company employs 30 staff members, the factory space is 5,000 square meters (53,820 square feet), and other floor space is 12,500 square meters (134,550 square feet).
Tsuen Lin holds and practices attentive, innovative, and down to earth beliefs in producing professional fabrics, including three-layer meshes, single meshes, two tone meshes and industrial use linings. These fabrics can be used for sneakers, bags, hats, and chairs, etc.Tsuen Lin adopts the professional approach to challenge various fields, such as producing ventilative fiber spring mats and cushions. The fiber spring fabrics we developed and produced allow the air to flow through the cushion or mat from the top to bottom and front to back without obstru... [more]